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From Ryan Lubke <Ryan.Lu...@Sun.COM>
Subject [HttpClient] Thoughts on RFE 10790
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2002 01:51:02 GMT
I'd like to get a discussion going on how best to tackle
the RFE described by 10790 


The RFE basically requests that instead of having a global flag
to make an entire request compliant or not, that it would be desirable
to make each existing behavior currently affected by this flag
configurable independent of each other.

So one thought I had was the possibility of a ConfigurationContext
implemented as a Singleton.  The user can configure the
ConfigurationContext via an XML configuration file and possibly use
Digester to parse the XML and provide the initial values to the
ConfigurationContext.  The users can access the ConfigurationContext via
a factory method where once they have the instance, they can use setters
and getters to access specific properties at runtime.  

HttpMethodBase would then interrogate the ConfigurationContext for its
behavior path during execution.

I guess this could be taken further and have a ConfigurationContext for
each type of Method (i.e. a context for GetMethods, a context for
PostMethods, etc).  This would provide a finer granularity of control.

I've got a proof of concept in the works, but would appreciate feedback
on if this is going in a good direction or if there is a better
alternative someone has been kicking around but hasn't been able to

Thoughts?  Comments?


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