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From Jeff Dever <>
Subject Re: [httpclient] projects that use Jakarta Commons HttpClient
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2002 00:03:50 GMT
Adrian Sutton wrote:

> Note that Slide is not using the commons HttpClient but is effectively using
> their own.  I plan to work on changing that when the HttpClient API
> stabilises and preferably when a stable release is out.
> Might I suggest not trying to recruit any new projects before the API is
> fully stabilised and a stable release is put out?  Do we have any timeline
> for the next stable release (for guide only obviously)?

Milestone 1 of 2.0 is coming up which will contain all of the forseeable public
interface changes for 2.0.  Reaching the milestone is governed by feature
completion rather than timeline so all I can say is "soon".  Agreed about
soliciting "new users": we are aren't.   Will start doing that when we get
closer to a release.

> Also, is HttpClient committed to maintaining a stable API from a certain
> point and when is that point?  The next stable release? Now? Milestone x?

As httpclient is moving from a 1.0 to 2.0 release, there are public interface
changes that are very significant.  Milestone 1 will be quite stable from an
interface perspective, but other changes may be made up to a release
candidate.   Subsequent releases will follow the release guidelines for
interface changes and version numbering.  Stability will be an important goal
going forward from 2.0

> Being a component is a tough life and providing as stable an API as possible
> is one of the tough things in that life.  However, it is even tougher to try
> to use a component without knowing when or if the API is likely to change.
> Perhaps this is something that needs to be documented in appropriate places?
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