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From James Turner <>
Subject VOTE: Release 1.0 of Validator
Date Tue, 24 Sep 2002 07:39:08 GMT
Hi all,
    Validator should have a release before packages likes Struts make 
releases based on it.  Therefore I am proposing to do a 1.0 release on 1 
November, and volunteering to release manage it.

    There are at present very few bugs against Validator (6), some of which 
are either already closeable or could be fixed with little 
effort.  However, I am about to release a near-complete rewrite of the core 
Validator methods (following the consensus of the previous vote on that 
matter), and want to give the new code some time to settle in and be tested 
before freeze.

    The proposed schedule is:

1 October - Feature freeze for Validator 1.0
15 October - Code freeze for Validator 1.0
1 November - Final Release Build

The current outstanding bugs to fix in Validator before release are:
7318  javascript: zero - means bad integer??
7349  Date Validation passes invalid date
8787  Indexed field validation patch
10584 Not all validation files are read in Validation PlugIn
10780  A few refactorings to
10782  If two fields are required, and one has a mask, the mask is

Please vote as follows:

+1: I'm in favor of a Validator 1.0 release according to the schedule outlined

0: Like I care?

-1: I have an objection either to the schedule, the release, or the choice 
of release manager (please specify)

3.1415926: I am an irrational person


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