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From "Elwin, Martin" <>
Subject [PATCH][HttpClient] Bug 12607 fix w/ test + typo fixes
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 10:59:26 GMT is a patch for the 12607 bug. The solution was
proposed by the bug submitter and I've verified it as well.

Simple real-world test to verify the bug and the fix:

.../jakarta-commons/httpclient/target/examples$ java -classpath
.;../classes;../../lib/commons-logging.jar TrivialApp is updated to include a test of this as well (and a small
fix to the suite() method so that the test is executed at all! :). Splitting
the testChunkedInputStream into several methods (or tests) might be good.

The two other diffs are for a typo in a trace output in HttpConnection and a
typo in the syntax description of TrivialApp.



Martin Elwin
@N59.29606 E18.08052 (WGS-84)

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