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Subject Re: VOTE: Behavior of Validator
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2002 23:45:52 GMT
James Turner <> wrote on 20/09/2002 03:40:49 AM:

> As currently written, the Validator has what I consider a quirk.
> Suppose you have two fields, username and password.  Username has 
> "depends=required" and password has "depends=required.notgod" (where 
> is a test that makes sure that the user didn't choose god as a 
> password).  The following behavior occurs:
> username=blank, password=blank: two errors generated on "required"
> username=blank, password=god: one error generated on "required"
> username=george, password=god: one error genereated on "notgod"
> This is because the Validator won't look at notgod until *all* fields 
> the "required" test.
> I think this is a broken behavior.  It leads to web forms where the user 

> thinks that they've filled in all the fields correctly, but then get new 

> error messages they've never seen before.  I'd like to correct this 
> Validator freezes for a release, but I want to make sure no one really 
> really thinks that the current behavior is somehow the right one.  So 
> please vote:
> +1 = Change Validator so that this doesn't occur
> 0 = I don't give a hoot
> -1 = I really like the way it works now (please give a reason)
> I'm sending this both to Commons and Struts because both communities are 

> impacted by the change.

dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

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