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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Next stage in release
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2002 07:09:27 GMT

Okay, I'm figuring that 1 and 2 are done.

1) Decide on what we want to go and what doesn't go.
2) All agree that we're happy with the state of what is going, including
   javadoc and unit tests.

Which puts us on to:

3) Make a preliminery build available internally. I'd like to then run
   JDiff on this with the beta. This hopefully can make us aware of any
   issues. This means having tag stuff in cvs done at this point.

I looked into JDiff, but the learning curve feels too high for the amount
of effort I want to put in at the moment, so I wrote myself a script.
Here's the output:

It basically tells us what has changed. It's in DIFF format [cuz I used
diff] so the usual >  < stuff. It shows that we have a bunch of new
classes, that the exception classes have had some API change, that
ObjectUtils has gained an inner class and a method, that NumberUtils has
gained a few methods, and that StringUtils has lost 3 methods and gained a
new one.

It's not wonderful, but seems to do what a changelog should do to me :)

[script is at:]

I've also generated out the latest version of the Maven site at:

Please reflect on these in case they lead to important pre-release
thoughts. One thing I plan to do is go through the changelog and make sure
each new method is being Unit-tested.

But it seems like we're all happy and wanting to release :)


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