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From "Tom Drake" <>
Subject Re: [collections][lang] Predicate etc impls, was Re: commons-collections: New code contribution.
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 08:37:45 GMT

Thanks for the note. Functors seems to contain many of the things that I've
also created.
I'll look more closely at this, factor out the overlap. May I send you a zip
file with the
remaining classes?

BTW, what timeframe is this package refactoring of the collections patterns
slated for?
I'd like to make use of these classes in conjunction with [collections] in a
project that
I'm starting up. As of now, I won't be able to do this easily. I'd need to
create adapters
for each of the [collections] and counterpart [lang][functor] interfaces.

I can understand why you'd want to move these patterns out of Collections,
Collections has been 'discovered' by the development community and is, in my
in fairly wide use. I've run across it in several projects. Such a
refactoring will have an
obvious ripple effect. Have you considered modifying the interfaces in
collections to
simply extend their new counterparts in lang.functor ?



P.S. Thanks for the hint about brackets in the subject.

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Sent: Thursday, December 05, 2002 11:47 AM
Subject: [collections][lang] Predicate etc impls, was Re:
commons-collections: New code contribution.

> [please note the square brackets in the title ;-)]
> This has been a hot topic before in commons. The current position is that
there is a large body of code such as what you suggest already coded. It
resides in [lang]s functor package (not released yet). However, the classes
use a different Predicate interface from [collections], which needs to be
> The plan is to make [collections] depend on [lang] and deprecate the
Predicate etc. interfaces in [collections].
> Can you take a look at the [lang] code, and see if you have any
Predicate/Transformer/Executor implementations which are not in the functor
package. If so, I'd like to add to the [lang] version.
> Stephen

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