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From Henning Schmiedehausen <>
Subject [CONFIGURATION] Big cleanup for, now actually works
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 11:25:54 GMT
[Martin: Cc to commons-dev, that's why it is in english]


I stumped over the following problem: =   aaa =   bbb, ccc

I expected a Configuration object to return for getVector("") :

[ "aaa", "bbb", "ccc" ]

but I got

[ "aaa", "bbb, ccc" ]

Which basically sucks and is not the expected behaviour. Then I took
a look into BaseConfiguration (and recoiled in horror).

The attached patch(es) fix up the mess surrounding the internal store,
implement a Container wrapper for Vectors (as suggested in the comments)
and return the correct values for the scenario described above. These
are two patches, one is with additional commons-logging debugging
integrated but adds another jar to the dependencies.

As the comments suggest, that this container change should be post-1.0
(which IMHO would really be bad, the current code doesn't work correct
and is obfuscated) and the last changes are from August, I'd really like
to see this getting in _before_ 1.0 release.

As this seems to be Turbine spawned code, I hope, someone will check
this in (I'm using this with Turbine). Alternatively, someone might
simply give me karma on the repository (I'm a committer for Turbine so I
might be qualified for this. :-) ) 


Dipl.-Inf. (Univ.) Henning P. Schmiedehausen       -- Geschaeftsfuehrer
INTERMETA - Gesellschaft fuer Mehrwertdienste mbH

Am Schwabachgrund 22  Fon.: 09131 / 50654-0
D-91054 Buckenhof     Fax.: 09131 / 50654-20   

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