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Subject Re: [Collections] [SUBMIT] Trie
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2002 17:01:22 GMT
>  from:    Charles Burdick <>
> That's a pretty brazen claim of being "the only active committer for
> [collections]."
Lets not argue too much here - that statement may come over badly, but I am the one who has
been fielding [collections] questions and submissions recently IIRC. Collections/algorithms
are not my field of expertise, and so I am fielding [collections] questions largely because
no one else did.

In particular, I have found that accepting a submission generally requires some knowledge
of what you are accepting. This makes me very cautious. I would prefer to see a committer
with real collections/algorithm knowledge take the lead on this. As it is, I will do my best
to understand the issues ;-)

> By your own admission, this is your first exposure to a Trie.  Thus I
> don't feel your dismissal of the contribution is valid.  Let's let
> others comment and gather concensus.
A debate is now continuing, and I will watch and contribute. If a successful resolution occurs
then great - hopefully then we can commit it. But it must be well-defined, clear and maintainable.


> Thanks,
> Chuck
> --- Stephen Colebourne <> wrote:
> > I am reluctantly minded to not include Trie in [collections]
> > 
> > Unfortunately, at present I am the only active committer for
> > [collections].
> > This means that I am unable to get feedback from other committers
> > (who know
> > collections in more detail than I).
> > 
> > My decision is based on a feeling that different Trie implementations
> > may
> > differ significantly. I believe that you have put together a good
> > implementation which attempts to address this, but without other Trie
> > requirements (from other people) it is very difficult to know if your
> > interface definition is the right one.
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