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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: [digester] i'd like to contribute - here's my new feature idea
Date Fri, 13 Dec 2002 00:58:23 GMT
> I don't want to squash Sean's enthusiasm, but I don't yet understand 
> the need for this modification.

Don't worry about my enthusiasm.  I'm just throwing this out as an idea. 
 I can take thoughtful criticism.  If we nix this idea, I have some 
other ideas that I could contribute (eventually folks will like one of 
them and that will be where I start).

> Robert's concern about the attribute is correct, because nothing 
> anywhere in XML guarantees the order of attributes for an element. 
> They're just a soup of names and values.  

I was only thinking of grabbing the first attribute because I was making 
the assumption that in that case it would be the only one (so order 
wouldn't be an issue.)  I wasn't entirely comfortable with that idea, 
but that's why I threw it out there.

> Couldn't Sean achieve his goals with the existing code and using 
> "java.lang.Object" as the base class?

I hadn't thought of that!  I think that would work nicely and it would 
be fairly obvious to somone studying my code what I was trying to do there.

> While it's great to encourage participation, it's worth while to 
> exercise restraint with APIs.

Couldn't agree more.  We don't want to bloat these great Commons APIs 
with custom features for one or two programmers.  I thought my problem 
was general enough (and it is) its just that everything I need is 
already there (although hard to find without a lot of documentation or 

> Ultimately, if Sean really doesn't like the ObjectCreateRule, I would 
> suggest that in this case he should just write his own rule 
> implementation that behaves the way he needs it to.

Now that I've pieced together how to do this with current code I agree 
with Joe that the patch isn't really necessary.  Believe me, I did look 
over the existing code before charging in with a feature request. 
 Perhaps I can make a contribution in the area of improved documentation 
(perhaps example programs) when the time comes for that?

I've actually got a few other ideas I'm mulling over.  I'll submit them 
to the group for consideration when they're a little more flushed out.

Thanks for the help and feedback.


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