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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: [lang] DateUtils
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 22:46:18 GMT
>Makes the roles so far [as a kind of semi-STATUS.html]
>CalendarUtils/DateUtils - Sean Schofield
>These need thought and whittling down.
>ImprovedSimpleDateFormat - Stephen Colebourne (?)
>  This should be based from a class submitted to JODA.
>Interested Parties
>Eric Pugh
>Christopher Reck
>Jakarta Ant [original developers of DateUtils]
>Dmitri Plotnikov [original developer of CalendarUtils]
>Decisions to be made:
>Whether to move code into org.apache.commons.lang.time at a later date.
>Other ideas:
>DateRange? Holder for two dates.
>StopWatch. Time recording code in Jakarta Util [I've a bit I'd like to add
>to it] that needs a home.
Sounds good.  A few other points ...

Hen has a good point about the naming of DateUtils.  The current 
DateUtils might be more appropriately names DateFormatUtils.  I need 
some more time to examine the current ___Utils classes before I can say 
for sure.

Under the "other ideas" section I would add a "time sync" feature (as an 
 idea, not necessarily that it should definitely go in) so that you 
could call a static function to recalibrate the sytem time (ex. if the 
user's pc thinks its Dec 1 and its really Dec 8) and then another static 
function to get the "adjusted" current time.

- sean

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