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From Ulrich Nicolas Lissé <>
Subject [jxpath][PATCH] namespaced DOM attributes bug
Date Sat, 30 Nov 2002 18:08:08 GMT
hi folks,

while playing around with the schmematron validation used for xmlforms
in cocoon 2.1 i had to face some strange misbehaviour with namespaced
DOM attributes. downtracking led me to a bug in JXPath's
DOMAttributeIterator: if you have an element with any qualified
attributes and if you specify a non-existent namespaced attribute
expression, JXPath will not return null() but one of the existing

i've attached both a simple example illustrating the bug and the
patch. the misbehaviour occurs because the 'getAttribute' method will
return the last negatively tested attribute instead of [null].

i don't know if the jdom-adapter is affected too.

Ulrich Nicolas Lissé
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