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From "Rich Dougherty" <>
Subject Re: [Collections] [SUBMIT] Trie
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2002 05:34:54 GMT
> Would it be useful to have a trie that would index on the tail ends of
> strings in reverse, for supporting quick searches for stuff 'ending in'?
> Are there any situations where it would be valuable to index on all
> n-to-last-character subsequences of entries, or would the overhead just
> be too tremendous for that to be useful?  (I mean, can a trie be used to
> implement fast lookups of any occurrence of a subsequence?)

I think you're talking about a suffix tree (which I've just discovered
recently). The Trie interface and implementation I've submitted could be
used i a suffix tree. Here are two links that show the relationship:


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