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From <>
Subject RE: [jelly] Subclassing JellyContext
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 06:48:50 GMT
> Variables should automatically be available to their child 
> contexts so I
> don't think you need to create your own JellyContext for that.

What I meant to say was that a variable _value_ should be visible only in a certain
scope.  So there is a stack of values per variable.

> Also the push/pop features can be used by just creating and 
> using child
> context - its rather like using a local block in Java. 

Ok, I will look into this - this should help.

> There's also the
> <j:scope> tag which creates a child variable scope, 
> essentially making any
> variables set inside the <j:scope> tag
> One question; where will you be using these typesafe getters 
> and setters you
> want? Will it be inside a Jelly Tag implementation?

Unfortunately no.  The application has to put about 10 values in the context
before the Jelly Tags can do their work.  Right now I am doing it via a "ContextHelper"

Thanks for the help,

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