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From Incze Lajos <>
Subject Re: [Jelly] Proposal new xml tag xml:entity
Date Sat, 01 Feb 2003 19:47:36 GMT
> <xml:entity value="copy"/> and this will output &copy; in the document. 

You can't do that, as the output document won't be well-formed.

> I tried every other thing I could think of to get this parsed
> (like &amp;copy; but that resolves just like it is typed, also tried
> using CDATA for it, but &copy; resolves to &amp;copy;, etc).

What can be done is to output the tag itself and xsl can emit
an &copy; entity on this tag iff output mode was html (not xml).
You don't have to do anything to achieve this (jelly would output
any tag not known for it), only add the rule to the xsl script.

Use <entity value="copy"/> in your document, and process it in
jsl, somehow this way:

<jsl:template match="entity[@value='copy']" trim="true">

(Didn't check this, but hopely works.)


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