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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject RE: [beanutils] 1.6 release breaks Maven and Jelly
Date Sun, 02 Feb 2003 23:50:00 GMT

On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Tim Vernum wrote:

> Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 10:25:54 +1100
> From: Tim Vernum <>
> Reply-To: Jakarta Commons Developers List <>
> To: 'Jakarta Commons Developers List' <>
> Subject: RE: [beanutils] 1.6 release breaks Maven and Jelly
> > It appears that a converter (or beanutils, I can't tell which
> > yet), which
> > previously 'correctly' set a property of type
> > java.lang.Object from an
> > instance of, now converts the File to a String
> > and then sets
> > the Object property.
> >
> > Does this sound familiar to anyone?
> Which leads to my next question:
> Seeing as how no one has commented on the bug report,
> Craig doesn't seem to know it exists, and dIon either
> didn't search for it, or didn't find it, is BugZilla useful?

Well, I do now :-).  It was opened only a couple of days ago, and I've
been in 14-hours-a-day mode on other stuff lately.

> I'm happy to report bugs on list instead, but it seems like
> a bug reporting tool is a better place to put them (mainly for
> tracking).
> If bugzilla provides a significantly slower turnaround than the
> mailing list (and on my experimental evidence of 1 case it does)
> then people (i.e. me) will stop using it, and that seems like it
> will be counter-productive.
> What's the best way to report/track bugs?
> Post to bugzilla + the mailing list?
> Include the component in the short desc of the bug?
> Change the bugzilla emails so the subject contains the component?

Bugzilla reports get mirrored to the COMMONS-DEV list already, so you
don't need to do both, unless you want to discuss proposed solutions to an
existing report.

Specific bug reports are great.  Specific bug reports with proposed
patches are also great.  Your bug report is fine -- it's just that this is
a volunteer army here :-).

> BeanUtils 1.6 broke our app, (which really sucks, because Struts 1.1
> relies on BU 1.6) and it doesn't look like anyone noticed the bug report.

The real problem is that BeanUtils.setProperty() was never originally
designed to be a public method at all -- it was only created to do the
very arcane things that BeanUtils.populate() needed to deal with request
parameters in a servlet request (it came from Struts, originally), and
changing what it does would not be a good idea for all the Struts based
apps in the world.

As the Javadocs for BeanUtils.setProperty() try to warn you, it is
probably *NOT* the method you want to use for the general case of
assigning a proeprty with conversion via ConvertUtils.  You should really
be using BeanUtils.copyProperty() for that (or BeanUtils.copyProperties()
if you want to copy+convert an entire set of properties).

Therefore, what we need to do is make copyProperty() powerful enough to do
what you really need.  It sounds like that means making nested and indexed
properties work (to the degree that we can), right?  Is there anything
else that copyProperty() needs to do?  (I'll look into it as I have time,
but that is a rare commodity for me nowdays -- patches to copyProperty()
would be welcome.)


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