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From Jeffrey Dever <>
Subject more common classes need a home
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 00:17:00 GMT
There are still a bunch of classes that are in both HttpClient and 
Slide.  In particular:

First of all, I think these should come out of Slide as part of their 
migration to commons-httpclient which is still underway.

Second, I thnk that these classes are too general to be part of 
HttpClient.  They have use well beyond a http client, and so should be 
available to other packages without requiring the commons-httpclient.jar.

Do people agree with me?  If so, any idea where these could go?  Perhaps 
the root of org.apache.commons?  or a new commons-net package?  put 
Base64 in commons-lang, and create a new commons-uri package?

If we do this, would it be better for HttpClient to roll the classes 
into the commons-httpclient.jar, or require it as a dependancy?

Any comments would be helpful.


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