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From Thoralf Rickert <>
Subject HTTPClient Feature Patch
Date Fri, 21 Feb 2003 08:15:30 GMT

I'm not subribed to the list, so please make a CC to my address...

I'm working on a small WebDAV application based on the org.apache.webdav 
library. For user feedback it is necessary to know how many bytes a Put 
request has already finished (0%...25%...50%...75%...100%) (especially 
for big files). Because the WebDAV PutMethod extends the httpclient 
PutMethod which extends the
I would like to "submit" a small patch, which makes it possible to get 
the number of already sent bytes in a "controlling thread"....Here is 
the code:

package org.apache.commons.httpclient.methods;
public abstract class EntityEnclosingMethod extends GetMethod {
   private long writtenBytes = 0;
   protected boolean writeRequestBody(HttpState state,
                                      HttpConnection conn)
       throws IOException, HttpException {

     writtenBytes = 0;
     byte[] tmp = new byte[4096];
     //int total = 0;
     int i = 0;
     while ((i = >= 0) {
       outstream.write(tmp, 0, i);
       //total += i;
       writtenBytes += i;

    * Returns the Number of Request Body Bytes send to the server
   public long getWrittenRequestBodyBytes() {
     return this.writtenBytes;

If I would start the HttpConnection in a subthread I could call the 
getWrittenRequestBodyBytes() method (or however you call it) during 
upload to get the number of transfered bytes. So I can show the user, 
that the application still works...

Do you think, that this small patch is useful for you too or do you know 
another way?

Thoralf Rickert

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