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From Tim Vernum <>
Subject RE: [beanutils] 1.6 release breaks Maven and Jelly
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 00:37:04 GMT
From: Craig R. McClanahan []

> Bugzilla reports get mirrored to the COMMONS-DEV list already, so you
> don't need to do both, unless you want to discuss proposed 
> solutions to an
> existing report.
> Specific bug reports are great.  Specific bug reports with proposed
> patches are also great.  Your bug report is fine -- it's just 
> that this is
> a volunteer army here :-).

My post probably sounded like more of a complaint that it was intended to.
My concern was more that dIon (and you) spent some amount of time to discover
and diagnose a bug that I had already found.
Given that duplicated effort is generally a Bad Thing, I was questioning whether
there was a better solution. But maybe it's just dIon's fault for not checking
bugzilla :>

> As the Javadocs for BeanUtils.setProperty() try to warn you, it is
> probably *NOT* the method you want to use for the general case of
> assigning a proeprty with conversion via ConvertUtils.  You 
> should really
> be using BeanUtils.copyProperty() for that (or 
> BeanUtils.copyProperties()
> if you want to copy+convert an entire set of properties).
> Therefore, what we need to do is make copyProperty() powerful 
> enough to do
> what you really need.  It sounds like that means making 
> nested and indexed
> properties work (to the degree that we can), right? 

When I ran into the bug I accepted that I was using the wrong
method, but changing it to copyProperty didn't work because
I needed nested properties (which is probably why I used
setProperty in the first place [either that or a late night 
hacking session]), I guess someone will probably need indexed
properties also.

> Is there anything
> else that copyProperty() needs to do? 

To the best of my knowledge no, but dIon probably has a larger
set of use cases than I do.

>patches to copyProperty() would be welcome.

I might have some free cycles in the next day or so, so I'll
try and have look.

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