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From (Jeffrey D. Brekke)
Subject Re: [NET] Commons/Net 1.0.0 *almost* released
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2003 14:26:45 GMT
robert burrell donkin <> writes:

> if you don't want the release mirrored, then go ahead and update the
> websites (commons and jakarta-site2) and then send your
> announcements. (if you need someone with daedelus karma to update the
> sites once you've check in your changes, just ask.
> if you do want the release mirrored, then either i can set up the
> directory structure you need then sign and move the jars in the
> commons release directory into the mirrored directory or i give you
> detailed instructions about how to do it. either way's cool with me -
> just let me know.


If you could release to the mirror that would be great.  I'd like the
detailed instructions also, so really both would be great.


Jeffrey D. Brekke                         
Wisconsin,  USA                           

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