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From Tim O'Brien <>
Subject [math] matters of copyright
Date Sun, 01 Jun 2003 18:16:50 GMT specifically mentioned that is was based on "Numerical
Recipes in C" which is not available under a license compatible with the
ASL.  All code currently in [math] which depends on has been
removed.   If it can be shown that this code does not violate the
copyright maintained by NR, then I'll *gladly* and *quickly* reverse
this action.  This isn't meant to discourage contribution of any 
individual. - Information pertaining to NR
copyright. - Restrictions on "commercial

Here are some proposed guidelines for [math] to help us avoid this
situation in the future:

1. Patches must be accompanied by a clear reference to a "source" - if
code has been "ported" from another language, clearly state the source
of the original implementation.  If the "expression" of a given
algorithm is derivative, please note the original source (textbook,
paper, etc.).  

2. References to source materials covered by restrictive proprietary
licenses should be avoided.

IMHO, commons-math should not be currently concerned with porting
existing code or utilities - we're looking to create a simple, compact
package which provides basic functionality not available in the core
J2SE distribution.  This package should also look to provide a few
differentiators - (tight integration with beanutils, collections,
digester, betwixt). 

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