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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject [math] maven magic and build.xml -- how to get ant build working again
Date Sun, 01 Jun 2003 16:14:56 GMT
Our ant build (and hence nightly) is currently broken, since we have 
added dependencies on commons-beanutils, bringing along collections and 
logging.  I personally have moved to maven entirely, but I thought we 
had agreed early on that we would maintain the ability to build from 
ant.  Also, Craig pointed out that if we want nightly builds, we need to 
have a working build.xml.

I see two ways to handle this:

1. Run maven ant:generate-build and replace build.xml with the result.

This will add a get-deps target telling ant to grab the jars from -- e.g.,

<get dest="${libdir}/commons-beanutils-1.5.jar" usetimestamp="true" 

This works for me from the command line; but something tells me the 
nightly build might not like it and I have no idea whether or not the 
whole script has some hidden dependencies on maven.

2. Modify build.xml and to include 
commons-lib.home, commons-beanutils.jar, commons-logging.jar and 
commons-collections.jar properties and expect the user (or bot) to fill 
these in, grab the jars and put them in the specified directories.

The advantage of 1. is that it guarantees that builds from maven and ant 
use the same jars.  The advantage of 2 is that build.xml is simpler and 
more standard.

What are other maven-based projects doing to handle this?


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