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From Maciej Zawadzki <>
Subject Any Plans for an Execute library?
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 16:44:34 GMT

I'd like to first say that I love the Commons libraries.  Our 
development team has been starting to use these libraries more and more. 
  This road has not been without it's bumps since like most development 
teams that have been around since the early days of Java, we have a lot 
of our own libraries that provide sometimes similar functionality.  But 
the benefit of going with libraries that are more widely used, and 
therefore more throughly tested, and of course maintained by someone 
else if very alluring :)  On the last point of -- maintained by someone 
else --  we'd like to start chipping in.

So my question is -- are there any plans for a library that assembles 
together code to execute outside processes from within Java?  To start 
with, this library could be based on the related code that already 
exists within Ant -- there are only a few places where that code is 
coupled with Ant so making a more generic and reusable library would be 
quite easy and quick.  I'm talking about classes such as and related.

I believe that such a library would be very useful, especially if it 
included functionality to deal with environmental variables.  I bring 
this issue up because I am at a point where I need to expand on the 
limited functionality that I have in my Execute utility class. 
Essentially, I will probably be embarking soon on the development of the 
Execute library that I've described, and I would like to ensure that I'm 
not going to duplicate anyone else's effort.

It seems that there already is a similar project for starting Java 
applications -- ("Launcher" in the sandbox).  the project I'm proposing 
could be combined with "Launcher" or could stand on its own.

What do you guys think?



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