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From Michael Becke <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Release of Commons HttpClient 2.0 Beta 1
Date Sun, 01 Jun 2003 22:44:37 GMT
The Jakarta Commons HttpClient team is proud to announce the release of 
HttpClient 2.0 beta 1.  This is the first feature complete release of 
HttpClient 2.0.  The focus for the rest of the 2.0 development will be 
on bug fixes and documentation.  Please visit the HttpClient website 
( and download this 
latest release.

The following changes have been made since Alpha 3:

  * Changed HttpConnection to use socket timeout instead of busy
    waiting while expecting input.

  * Added a getResponseContentLength() method to HttpMethod.

  * Changed HttpClient to accept correctly encoded URLs instead of
    attempting to encode them within HttpClient.

  * 'Expect: 100-continue' logic factored out into an abstract
    ExpectContinueMethod class

  * 'Expect: 100-Continue' handshake disabled per default, as it may not 
    properly with older HTTP/1.0 servers or proxies.

  * Reengineered authentication code.  This includes a fix for
    HttpClient continually attempting to authenticate to digest realms 
    provides for better future extensibility.

  * Authenticator class deprecated

  * Improved user documentation and example code.

  * Added ability to differentiate between different hosts using the
    same realm names.

  * Added support for specifying a virtual host name to use.

  * Fixed problem with half-closed connections causing a
    HttpRecoverableException to be thrown when HttpClient attempts to 
    from a socket.

  * Improved reliability with the HEAD method and servers that
    incorrectly include a response body.

  * Improved support for connection keep-alive when communicating via a 

  * Added an override of HttpClient.executeMethod that lets the
    caller specify an HttpState object.

  * HttpConnectionManager is now a property of the HttpClient class,
    not of the HttpState class

  * Added ability to specify the local address that HttpClient should
    create connections from.

Thank you,

Commons HttpClient Development Team

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