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From Joe Germuska <>
Subject Re: [Digester] Please help....
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2003 20:55:39 GMT
This is pretty hard to do with Digester's default rules because they 
don't really give you access to element names themselves -- just 
element and attribute content.  If you could put your XML through an 
XSLT transform before digesting to get something more like
   <entry key="account" value="12345" />
   <entry key="symbol" value="IBM" />

it would be a piece of cake.  It would be about as easy if you had 
the values inside elements

For the first:
         digester.addObjectCreate("order", java.util.HashMap.class);
         digester.addCallMethod("order/entry","put", 2);
         digester.addCallParam("order/entry",0, "key");
         digester.addCallParam("order/entry",1, "value");

For the second:
         digester.addObjectCreate("order", java.util.HashMap.class);
         digester.addCallMethod("order/entry","put", 2);
         digester.addCallParam("order/entry/value", 1);

This assumes that you are treating the account number as a string, 
not an integer.  Using this approach,it would be hard to support 
different types for map entry values.

Do you have this flexibility?  Otherwise, you'll have to write your 
own subclass of org.apache.commons.digester.Rule, overriding the 
  public void body(String namespace, String name, Attributes attributes).

I'm pretty sure there aren't any included Rule subclasses that do 
what you're thinking of.

I'm sure I should be using the XML rules syntax, but I still think in 
terms of the java method digester configuration...


At 16:11 -0400 6/18/03, Shvets, Steve wrote:
>I need to take following xml
>	<account>12345</account>
>	<symbol>IBM</symbol>
>and create a java.util.HashMap with
>key            value
>"account"    12345
>"symbol"     IBM
>How would the rules look like...Can someone provide a sample....
>Thank you, Steve
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