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From "Andrey Aristarkhov" <>
Subject [fileupload] issue proposal
Date Sun, 01 Jun 2003 12:18:40 GMT
Hi folks!

FileUpload is a great job, but I can suppose it's not 
convinient in some configurations. Since request input 
stream is beeing read when we try to read a first 
parameter from a request, there is no guarantee that a 
request passed to a servlet had not been parsed already 
(for example as a result of a filter work).
In this situation more convinient way is a request 
wrapper. If request has multipart/* type we substitute 
original request by our wrapper. In this situation we have 
guarantee that multipart request always will be parsed as 
If intersting we have an implementation of such wrapper 
and can submit it to community. Our implementation is 
flexible and allows write custom types of parameters. For 
example we have 2 base type of paramters - transient 
(multipart data is stored in memory) and Persistent 
(multipart data is stored on disk). There is a 
corresponding API for creating a new type of parameters.

Andrey Aristarkhov

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