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From Nicolas Mailhot <>
Subject Re: [JPackage-discuss] Re[2]: Logging packaging questions
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2003 09:01:23 GMT
Le mar 01/07/2003 à 10:08, Anton Tagunov a écrit :
> Hello Nicolas!
> AT> Now, did I get it right that _despite_ jakarta-logging will be shipped
> AT> as a single jar all your stuff _will_ work okay since jakarta-logging
> AT> will detect what is available on the classpath and what is not?
> NM> Basically if/when we had split the backends we'd had provided a backends
> NM> symlinks pointing either to log4j, jvm or build-in (with automated
> NM> priorities). This symlink would have been added to all the logging users
> NM> classpaths/jer directories
> NM> So we would have insured there was always a backend on the system,
> NM> without duplicating classes.
> NM> The current solution will be the death of log4j since no one will take
> NM> the pain to put it manually in the classpath (as it would have, if the
> NM> split had proceeded)
> I'm sorry, Nicolas, I do not get you.
> What is the difference between putting
>     jakarta-logging-log4j.jar
> into the classpath that automatically pulls in log4j.jar
> and putting there
>     log4j
> jar directly?
> What has changed? Why one is more difficult for users of your
> framework then the other?

With a properly modularized setup we can do :
package logging-commons requires logging-commons-backend
split build-in, log4j, jvm, provide logging-commons-backend

A symlink points to whatever logging-commons-backend jar is installed
(more complex than that but lets just say the symlink *will* exist and
point to the jar with the highest priority)

All apps are packaged so they have the symlink in their classpath or
their jar repository.

log4j have > priority than other backends for the symlink.

So if log4j is installed, it'll be used by every app.

Now since we do not have this symlink people have to add log4j manually
if they absolutely want it, and since they are as lazy as the next guy
they won't.

Goodbye log4j. RIP


Nicolas Mailhot

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