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From Nicolas Mailhot <>
Subject Re: Re[4]: [JPackage-discuss] Re[2]: Logging packaging questions
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2003 10:10:52 GMT
Le mar 01/07/2003 à 12:07, Anton Tagunov a écrit :
> Hi!
> NM> A symlink points to whatever logging-commons-backend jar is installed
> NM> (more complex than that but lets just say the symlink *will* exist and
> NM> point to the jar with the highest priority)
> AT>
> AT> Would this symlink point to commons-logging-log4j.jar or to log4j.jar?
> NM> If we do the full split we'd have
> NM> - common-loggin main jar
> NM> - common-loggin-glue symlink
> NM> - common-loggin-backend symlink
> NM> with common-loggin-glue & common-loggin-backend synchronized so if
> NM> common-loggin-backend points to log4j common-loggin-glue points to the
> NM> log4j glue in common-loggin
> NM> One or two symlinks - that's peanuts.
> NM> What we can not handle is one jar present in some cases (log4j) and not
> NM> in others. We need the symlinks to always point to something - dangling
> NM> symlinks make tomcat crash
> Just hold on a minute, and if the user wanted to use Jdk14 logging
> where would the common-loggin-backend point to?

To the in-jvm jar that provides logging - that works for jdbc, jsse,
jndi , etc.


Nicolas Mailhot

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