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From Herve Quiroz <>
Subject [CLI] Switches ?
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2003 14:19:01 GMT

As you are still in design stage for CLI 2.0, I thought I might just
submit another feature that is used by command line parsers for some apps:

In CLI, the PREFIX for a command-line option is '-' but may be overriden
to become anything else.  Some apps have several different prefixes to
manage switches. When you consider xterm for example, you get two flavors
for the same option, one that "enable" it (with -option) and one that
"disable" it (with +option). For instance,

 '-sb' means you want the scrollbar
 '+sb' means you don't want it

Personally, I wouldn't use such a scheme to parse command line arguments
so I won't need it in a future version of CLI (BTW I find the next version
quite interesting). Thus, I am not requesting a new feature from CLI here.
Anyway, you might want to decide now if you plan to support such a feature
in the near future now that you are defining the API...



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