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From Serge Knystautas <>
Subject Re: DBCP status?
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 22:19:33 GMT
David Graham wrote:
> I know how you feel.  DBCP won't save you in these cases; training people
> in the simple ways of cleaning up resources properly will.

Yeah, I have plans on how to spot these issues better ahead of time. 
Also, just starting to use p6spy as my magic bullet in the short-term...

> It is not the pool's responsibility to clean up after poorly coded apps. 
> There is a clear separation of concerns between the pool and the app.  The
> pool maintains the connections, the app properly uses the API and returns
> all connections when finished with them.  There is no sound algorithm for
> determining when a connection is abandoned because DBCP doesn't have all
> the information required to make that decision.  There are more but I've
> stated them previously.

I disagree about the lack of a sound algorithm, but I have come to agree 
about this not being the pool's responsibility.  So I agree the pooler 
should just try to avoid opening connections each time (general pool 
issues), and not get into these application issues.

> For some reason there are people against adding commons-logging to DBCP. 
> I don't know of any good reason not to.

I think it's just because it's to keep the dependency tree thin.  I 
haven't been burned yet, but in some of my apps I have dependencies on 
common libs from 5 higher level apps.  I think eventually I'll get 
burned by 2 different apps requiring 2 different versions of 
commons-beanutils (just to pick one).

Serge Knystautas
Lokitech >> software . strategy . design >>
p. 301.656.5501

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