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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject [lang] Words - for 2.0
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2003 10:53:14 GMT
In examining the release, I found I need to annoy everyone again.

WordWrapUtils is broken.

The algorithm relies on a newLineChars parameter that is used for two
1) Splitting the input string
2) Adding newlines to the output string

This is a new class, so it should either be pulled (preferred) or fixed (not
preferred, as there are various issues)

Related issue - WordWrapUtils is too specific a name.
I propose:
1) changing it to WordUtils (or StringWordUtils)
2) moving capitalizeAllWords to WordUtils
3) moving uncapitalizeAllWords to WordUtils
4) moving swapCase to WordUtils

This would help reduce the size of StringUtils, and provide much better
functional grouping. There is lots we can do with words. (Of course you
could argue for a separate [text] project, but I doubt there is that much.)

I would like to do this for 2.0, as otherwise users of capitaliseAllWords
will have to change twice. However we could say that is a small group of
people and postpone the change to 2.1.



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