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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject [digester] patch: usage examples
Date Sat, 02 Aug 2003 06:15:45 GMT

Recently there was a suggestion on the users email group that some
digester examples would be helpful.

I felt this myself when starting to use digester.

So attached is a tar file containing a (proposed) initial example.

The tar file contains the tree:

        **files here

I suggest that this could all go under "src", so that there would be
"src/java", "src/test" and "src/examples". 

This would be consistent with the "httpclient" projects' directory

I think that additional examples could usefully be added in future,
hence the name "example1" for the dir containing the provided code.

Stuff that could be covered in later examples include:
 * FactoryCreateRule
 * NodeCreateRule
 * mapping of attribute names to bean properties 
   (eg some-attr --> someAttr) when using setProperties et al.

This contribution is not entirely selfless :-). The existence of this
examples directory also gives me somewhere to put "plugins" module
examples if the "plugins" module is accepted [patch coming soon....]

NOTE: I haven't made any changes to the existing digester "build.xml" to
either build or not build these new files. This would have to be done
sometime I think.



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