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From Rich Dougherty <>
Subject Re: Eclipse setup
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2003 04:43:27 GMT
Chris Feldhacker wrote:
> I am SO close to having everything setup and working, but there must be a
> final step that I'm overlooking...  (The archives of this list didn't
> address my problem [almost!], nor did the "IDE Developer's Guide".)
> Setup:
> Java 1.4.2, Eclipse 2.1.1
> So far:
> I connected to the CVS repository, navigated to the HEAD branch and checked
> out the "jakarta-commons" project.  This loaded the project into my
> workspace. what?
> What do I need to do to get the "jakarta-commons" project treated as a Java
> project so that the .class files will be built and I can have my own project
> reference it?  Do I have to hack the .project file and manually add a
> .classpath file?

You probably need to associate the Java "nature" with your project. 
There are several ways you can do this. Here are approaches that I've 
taken in the past (as I've discovered different options). I may be off 
on a few details, but hopefully this should be enough to get you on your 



1. When you check the project out from the CVS repository view choose 
something like "Check out as..." instead of "Check out as project". This 
will give you a chance to create a Java project instead of a normal one.

2. Since you've downloaded those files already, you could "delete" the 
project then recreate it as a Java project. Delete the project (but tell 
it to leave the files there) then create a Java project with the same 
name. Voila!

3. Or you can hack the .project file. Close the project then edit the 
.project file and put the following information into it:


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