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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject Re: [lang] Lang 2.0 release?
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 04:57:54 GMT
Gary Gregory wrote:
> Very nice maven stuff!
> BTW, the checkstyle report complains about "Line is longer than 80
> characters" where I clearly recall reading about a Jakarta guideline of 120
> somewhere, of course, I can not longer find this reference, darn.
> Google shows a couple of checkstyle reports that complain about line lengths
>>120 so I know I did not dream this up!
> Does this ring a bell to anyone else?

The file for lang specifies 120. I think I have 
seen some other other Jakarta projects use 80. The problem is that the 
maven checkstyle task is not reading this file, since has been commented out (since B10 croaks on 
the old .properties file format)  I was just writing a note asking if 
anyone had any objections to the following changes, which will fix this 
among other things:

1. Mods to project.xml:

* Restrict tests to Suites run by Ant build (so maven build does not 
have to run through perf and other tests each time)

* Add a <reports> element to restrict reports

2. Add checkstyle.xml "translating" (to the best of my limited 
abilities) the current (so maven will not generate 
so many checkstyle errors)

3. Modify to refer to checkstyle.xml

Any problem with my committing these changes?


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