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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject Re: [lang] Lang 2.0 release?
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 06:48:11 GMT
Henri Yandell wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Aug 2003, Phil Steitz wrote:
>>the old .properties file format)  I was just writing a note asking if
>>anyone had any objections to the following changes, which will fix this
>>among other things:
>>1. Mods to project.xml:
>>* Restrict tests to Suites run by Ant build (so maven build does not
>>have to run through perf and other tests each time)
> Not sure what you mean.
> Maven is supposed to run the tests each time we build, so removing some
> from it would seem to be self-destructive?
> What is perf? That long test that takes ages?

I meant the EntitiesPerformanceTest or some such.  When I first tried 
maven, this test was taking ages.  What I was intending to do was to use


That would make maven run the same tests that ant does now (I think).

> Maybe we should define a separate /src/perf for tests that are only to be
> done at certain times?

+1 -- or use suggestive names and <include>/<exclude> stuff as above.  I 
used to <exclude>**/*Performance*.java</exclude>.

>>* Add a <reports> element to restrict reports
> Which would we restrict?

Really, I was planning to add a list with many of them commented out for 
convenience, like so:

      <-- <report>maven-changelog-plugin</report> -->
      <-- <report>maven-changes-plugin</report> -->
      <-- <report>maven-clover-plugin</report> -->  (till we have the 
license sorted)
      <!-- <report>maven-developer-activity-plugin</report> -->
      <!-- <report>maven-file-activity-plugin</report> -->
      <!--   <report>maven-jellydoc-plugin</report> -->
      <!--<report>maven-jxr-plugin</report> -->
     <!-- <report>maven-linkcheck-plugin</report> -->
      <!-- <report>maven-statcvs-plugin</report> -->

The one that bogs is linkcheck. That one should only be run 
periodically, IMHO.

My main (only) complaint with using maven for build is speed -- plain 
ant with a nice build.xml like lang has is faster. Of course you don't 
get all of the goodies that way.  So I like to minimize what I ask maven 
to do by default. A slim maven build with clover, javadoc, checkstyle 
reports for turning the crank, then add more reports for "site 
generation".  Just my HO.


>>2. Add checkstyle.xml "translating" (to the best of my limited
>>abilities) the current (so maven will not generate
>>so many checkstyle errors)
> +1
>>3. Modify to refer to checkstyle.xml
> +1
> Hen
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