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From Ortwin Glück <>
Subject Re: [VFS|HttpClient] Re: [VFS] Crashes in getContent()
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 15:31:26 GMT

I think HttpClient used to perform unit tests after compiling. However 
this seems to have changed somehow? Still, be assured that the 
HttpClient repository is usually (modulo checkin mistakes) in a state 
where all tests succeed. All committers are told to run all unit test 
before checking in.


Ortwin Glück

Adam R. B. Jack wrote:
> 5) Given all this, would it be possible for the two teams (VFS and
> HttpClient) to add "test" projects to gump to augment the "compile"
> projects? Meaning commons-httpclient-test and commons-vfs-test that depend
> upon their parents, and run unit tests. That way projects like
> krysalis-ruper could chose to depend upon a successful unit test run, and
> not propagate crashes.

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