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From __matthewHawthorne <>
Subject Re: [pcollections][PROPOSAL] Primitive collections - new sandbox component from [collections]
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2003 23:42:31 GMT
Sounds great, as there is already a large codebase to get started with.

pcollections seems like a nice simple name... primitive-collections 
seems too long, and other combinations of half-words like "prim" and 
"coll" may just leave people confused.

I'm willing to lend a helping hand... just let me know where to aim and 

Stephen Colebourne wrote:

>The attached proposal is to create a new Sandbox project, named
>[pcollections] to house a complete set of primitive collections. Reasoning:
>1) [collections] is already large, and primitive-collections and collections
>actually have remarkably little in common
>2) The current primitive collections code in [collections] is completely
>isolated from the rest of the [collections] code, a sure-fire indicator of
>being better in a separate project with its own release cycle
>3) A positive response from Soren Bak of the PCJ project to integrate a
>complete set of primitive-collections together in one place.
>This mail is to enable anyone to
>- object to the idea
>- come up with a better name than pcollections
>- to volunteer support (please!!)
>- or any other comment :-)
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