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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject [beanutils] factoring out converter lookup strategy
Date Sat, 02 Aug 2003 08:57:40 GMT
at the moment ConvertUtilsBean uses a private FastHashMap to store the 
Converters it uses to perform it's conversions. this has several 
consequences. firstly, this makes it hard for users to choice to use 
alternative Converter selection algorithms. for example see:

this also has the consequence that it is the default set of Converters is 
hard coded - when deregister is called, ConvertUtils reverts to the 
default set of Converters hard coded. being able to configure this initial 
list (for example when a web application is deployed) would be a useful.

so, i'd like to introduce a strategy (probably an abstract class so that 
any methods which need to be added in the future can be). this would 
encapsulate the storage and retrieval of Converters. ConvertUtilsBean 
would focus on using Converters to perform conversions.

comments anyone?

anyone see any issues before i go ahead and start coding?

- robert

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