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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject [docs] extra menus for mavenised components
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2003 17:02:55 GMT
one of the problems with the current commons website is that most 
mavenized components do not carry links back into jakarta-commons. i think 
that a major reason for this is that these have to maintained separately 
for each component and can easily become out-of-date.

i've been playing around today and would like to offer a (partial) 
solution. it's possible to declare the menu entries as entities in a DTD. 
this DTD can include these from xml fragment files. the information would 
be moved from the project.xml into fragments and referenced from a DTD.

(yes, i know that XInclude's are much better but it would involve extra 
overhead and extra learning for people. this way means that the existing 
process can be retained.)

anyway, in practice this means that by adding a DTD definition to the top 
of a navigation.xml, mavenized components will be able to choose to 
include menus from the jakarta commons main menu. ever time that the 
documentation is rebuilt, the most up to date versions will be grabbed and 
used - zero maintenance for the component.

unless some folks come up with some good reasons not to do this, i'll move 
the menus from the project.xml into xml fragment files sometime soon.

- robert

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