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From "Tim Anderson" <>
Subject RE: UUID Reuse proposal
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2003 20:16:54 GMT
Tyrex also provides support for UUID generation, and
should perform better than the Axis impl.



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Tim Reilly []
> Sent: Friday, 15 August 2003 11:32 AM
> To:;
> Subject: UUID Reuse proposal
> I'd like to ask the axis developers to donate the java package
> org.apache.axis.components.uuid to the Jakarta commons.
> I'm cross-posting this message on both jakarta commons-dev list
> and axis-dev
> list as commons could adopt this package and place somewhere
> sensible to the
> commons. My suggestion would be as an addition to org.apache.commons.lang
> since the UUID is a special/complex type (aren't all classes, but
> hopefully
> you know what I'm saying.)
> I know not to cross-post but given the request it only makes sense. I
> realize the package has some basis on the similar package in the BSD
> licensed project. It doesn't make
> sense to include the UUIDGenFactory, which would remain in place (unless
> anyone has good ideas on making it more generic?)
> The reason for this request is that the package is nicely written
> (kudos to
> the author(s)), and very useful in a number of applications. The Jetspeed
> developers can use this package; however it does not necessarily
> make sense
> for Jetspeed to create a dependency on the axis jar, solely to use this
> package. There are numerous other applications of UUID's that make it an
> ideal candidate for the Jakarta-commons, and I feel that donating/adopting
> this package within the commons fits nicely with the vision of
> the commons.
> Other uses abound, for example struts could use the classes to guarantee a
> form is submitted only once. A search of brings
> back some
> patterns that use guid/uuid.
> I'd be willing to send the patches to the Axis team if the commons
> committers are willing to adopt the package and Axis wishes the same.
> Basically this would be to depreciate
> org.apache.axis.components.uuid.SimpleUUID and make SimpleUUID extend
> org.apache.commons.lang.UUID.SimpleUUID (tentative). Then replace the
> "org.apache.axis.components.uuid.SimpleUUID" strings within the CVS. Or if
> there is a better way.. I'd be will to do whatever is agreed upon.
> Please consider this request; I'll keep an eye on each list and if both
> projects agree that would be great and we can proceed.
> A lesser alternative would be for jakarta-commons to adopt the
> package, but
> axis makes no changes. This is the perhaps the lesser approach since reuse
> is not fully accomplished but if the Axis committers are reluctant then
> perhaps they could give their "okays" to the lesser approach, and
> jakarta-commons could still adopt the classes.
> For more information on UUID:
> Per javadoc comment -
> * A Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) is a 128 bit number generated
> * according to an algorithm that is guaranteed to be unique in time and
> space
> * from all other UUIDs. It consists of an IEEE 802 Internet Address and
> * various time stamps to ensure uniqueness. For a complete specification,
> * see
> [leach].
> Thank you for considering.
> -Tim Reilly
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