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From "b\.davanzo\@inwind\.it" <>
Subject Re:[net] 1.1 release planning
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2003 11:38:54 GMT
I vote for putting out a 1.1 release too.

During this week I have received a request from a user of TelnetClient who is requesting a
new functionality (notificacion of changes in option state to the application program) that
could be put into 1.1 release.
I have evaluated this enhancement and could release a patch by 10th Aug.

I enclose the request which I received outside the commons-dev distribution list:

>I have another question about commons-net and didn't find any simple 
>answer to it by browsing the API, maybe I'm just missing a point.
>The question is simple. How do I get notified when a WONT is sent by the 
>The situation looks like this. The mud server sends a WILL ECHO when is 
>requesting the password, so that the client knows it's time to mask the 
>input the user is typing. When authentication succeeds the server sends 
>a WONT ECHO, and client should stop masking. Unfortunatly i didn't find 
>a way to be notified about the WONT occurance(option handlers deals only 
>with DO and WILL, right?). The alternative i'm using now is tho ask the 
>romote state on the server throught TelnetClient's 
>getRemoteOptionState(1) but I think it would be cleaner if i could be 
>notified about that instead of having to ask. Is this possible and I 
>didn't find it or it's not?

We could delay release of 1.1 to include this functional enhancement. What do you think about?


> FWIW we will begin testing the latest code in our applications next
> week.  I agree that the list of changes since 1.0 warrant a release.
> I vote for a 1.1 release.
> >>>>> On Wed, 30 Jul 2003 10:53:41 -0400, "Daniel F. Savarese" <>
> > In message <sf27a525.029@MAIL.VDAB.BE>, "Geert Van Damme" writes:
> >> Other questions still remain... especially the last question.
> >>> Will the NTFTPEntryParser solve my problem ? If so, is the
> >>> 1.0.1-dev stable en ough to use in a production environment ?
> > I believe it is as stable as 1.0 and acan be used in production.
> > It's probably more stable because of the bug fixes that have been
> > implemented since 1.0.  We should probably put out a 1.0.1 release
> > (or 1.1 if the telnet and FTP parser enhancements warrant it) soon.
> > daniel
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