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From Fredrik Westermarck <>
Subject Re: [lang] Codestyle (Was: [lang] [patch] Conversion of String to long/double)
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 15:12:09 GMT
Phil Steitz wrote:
>>> Strangely, the checkstyle plugin is not complaining about any tabs in 
>>> the code.  Are you finding these in the tests or in the /java sources?
>> The differences is mainly in lines that are blank.
>> In the cvs these lines contains 6 whitespace chars and there are no 
>> whitespaces in my local files. These differences are present both in 
>> NumberUtils and in NumberUtilsTest.
> Did you update after the first commit?  I did remove one blank line and 
> added braces around an if() construct before committing the first patch. 
>  I noticed that the missing braces were present in the second patch.

Yes, I did make an cvs update after the first commit.

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