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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject [math] Project Maturity?
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 16:42:23 GMT
I think we should discuss what really needs to get completed for the 1.0 
release of math. I think there are three points of interest.

A.) If it isn't a major refactoring, it probably stands that we can 
provide a feature in a later minor release, for example, "adding 
confidence intervals", extending distributions with discrete capabilities.

B.) Many tasks are "ongoing" and are never "really" finished, ie 
accuracy testing, checkstyle and javadoc.

C.) Many aspects of the project already out-perform even that which is 
in commons proper. Documentation and JUnit testing is fairly thorough.

So I wonder, would it be logical to request a vote from the community 
proper to consider that maturity of the math project and if its ready to 
  release a version? There will always be discovered issues. But we do 
need to get to the point where we have actual users to discover those 

-Mark Diggory

Here's a list of the tasks from the current task list:

1.) Develop user's guide following the package structure.
     Provide any comments on this task here.

2.) Performance and accuracy testing.
     If anyone is interested in helping out here, what we could really 
use is a wider selection of test cases for the core numerical functions 
and validation against either other packages (e.g. R for the statistical 
stuff), verified datasets, or experiments comparing implement ions using 
floats to doubles.

3.) Test Coverage.
     Clover tests show gaps in test path coverage. Get all tests to 100% 
coverage. Also improve test data and boundary conditions coverage.

4.) Code review.
     Code review is a continuous process that all Contributors and 
Developers should practice while working on the code base.

         * Javadoc generation is still throwing warnings. Bring the 
Javadoc into compliance (i.e. reach zero warnings).
         * Verify that the code matches the documentation and identify 
obvious inefficiencies or numerical problems. All feedback/suggestions 
for improvement/patches are welcome.
         * CheckStyle with modified properties still shows many errors. 
Try to clean these up.

Algorithm Development Tasks

5.) Add confidence intervals to Univariate implementations.
     Provide any comments on this task here.

6.) Extend distribution framework to support discrete distributions and 
implement binomial and hypergeometric distributions.

         * Framework and implementation strategie(s) for finding roots 
or real-valued functions of one (real) variable.
         * Cubic spline interpolation.
         * CheckStyle with modified properties still shows many errors.

7.) Finalize the contents of MathUtils and StatUtils. Suggest any 
additions -- ideally with patches -- to these utility classes.

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