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From Robert Leland <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-commons-sandbox/resources build-legacy.xml build.xml
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2003 02:41:59 GMT
robert burrell donkin wrote:

> On Monday, September 8, 2003, at 09:07 PM, Robert Leland wrote:
>> wrote:
>>> rdonkin     2003/09/08 11:20:53
>>>  Modified:    resources build.xml
>>>  Added:       resources build-legacy.xml
>>>  Log:
>>>  Replaced legacy build.xml with maven generated one
>> Preferace: I am not a resources committer.
>> I am happy with all the other many changes that you made,
>> except this one.
>> I don't consider an ant build file legacy.
>> Why was this done when to my knowledge it isn't necessary ?
>> Does the generated maven.xml do every thing that the old ant build 
>> does ?
>> Is it as well documented for build targets ?
>> I would like to see this file restored as it was.
> hi rob
> this is what's usually meant by mavenization. (sorry if you 
> misunderstood what i mean.)
> the maven build becomes the primary, maintained build. the old 
> hand-written ant build file becomes the legacy build. most components 
> using maven found that maintaining two different build systems (hand 
> coded ant build script and mavenized project) produces too many 
> conflicts. it is also dangerous since gump and nightly builds work 
> from the ant build.xml - if this is not maintained, then there may be 
> false positives and false negatives.
> i'd be happy to revert to the manual base build but IMHO maven is 
> pretty much all-or-nothing. so i'd say that reverting this changes 
> also means reverting all the mavenization i've done. if the community 
> chooses reversion, i'd propose removing the maven build altogether and 
> instead use anakia (or forrest) to build the documentation. it's 
> cleaner, clearer and easier to maintain that way.

I responded to your CVS commit message before I read the original 
proposal, that talked about
renaming the old build.xml, I thought it was completely deleted ! I am 
not against Mavenizing resources
and I don't see it as an all or nothing proposition.
I also don't like duplication of effort. What I didn't say that was 
until maven 1.0 is released, keeping the custom build.xml
up to date in my mind is essential, which I will happily do. Is there a 
way to tell maven to place specific comments in the
generated build.xml ?


> if you still feel strongly about this i'd be happy if you nominated 
> yourself as a commons-resources committer and put mavenization to the 
>  (i'd be happy to revert all the changes i've made and put an anakia - 
> or forrest - based documentation build target into the ant build 
> script instead if the VOTE goes against mavenization.)
> - robert
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