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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [beanutils][collections] Transformer, Predicate, and Closure Implementation
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 11:50:26 GMT
On Tuesday, September 2, 2003, at 01:56 PM, Norm Deane wrote:

> Thanks to you Robert for taking the time to look over my submission and
> taking the time to incorporate it!
> Forgive the stupid newbie question but... I would like to become more
> active in the Commons, Struts, or Maven projects but am not sure where
> to start.  I've read the 'Get Involved' section and scanned the Apache
> Bug Database and JIRA (for Maven) but I'm not sure where my help is
> needed most and I don't want to step on toes by working issues that
> other people are working.

hi norm

this is not really a stupid newbie question. the apache answer is find an 
itch and patch it! this is easy to say but less easy to practice.

apache is more decentralized than many other open source organization so 
you might need more patience and be more willing to take the initiative. 
one description that's often repeated is that it's a do-ocracy rather than 
a dem-ocracy.

what i usually do (where i'm not a committer) is find something i want to 
do and then post a 'hey - anyone mind if i do this?' to avoid stepping on 
anyone's toes.

if you're interested in maven then a lot of the developers hand around on 
irc so that's a good place to hang around to find out the latest news and 
who's working on what. if you've got a particular maven itch then that's a 
good place to ask.

i don't think that there is a component in commons that has enough 

if you're interested in the commons then you'll find that different 
components are quite different - even if developed by the same people. 
beanutils is very widely used and very mature. there is a very big list of 
enhancements and patches but it takes a long time to review them since the 
consequences of introduced bugs is pretty serious.

at the other end of the spectrum are commons-resources≤ commons-reflect 
and commons-math. these are new and need a lot of work. it's easier to 
commit patches for these and the impact a new developer could have on 
these components would be bigger than for others.

in the middle are components like collections and lang. these are still 
growing pretty quickly but they are widely used and so changes to the core 
are likely to be reviewed very carefully.

hope this helps and i'd like to encourage you to get involved.

- robert

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