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From Brent Verner <>
Subject Re: [DBCP] proposal for activationStatement and passivationStatement in PoolableConnectionFactory
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2003 11:49:18 GMT
[2003-12-21 21:36] Dirk Verbeeck said:
| Yes this would be a nice feature, a couple of days ago there was 
| somebody else requesting a similar thing on commons-user.
| A patch is very welcome.

patch attached.  While cleaning this up, I realized that 
activation/passivation was executed each time a pooled
connection was borrowed.  This is not at all what I'd 
originally intended...<blush />   As such, I've moved the 
statement execution calls into makeObject() and destroyObject()
where the do what I want (only once :-)).

| One remark, I would stop the normal processing when an exception is 
| thrown. If needed you can always handle error in a PL/SQL block or 
| stored procedure.

Ok. An SQLException is thrown on error.


P.S. I'll be slow to reply to email over the next couple of
     weeks...  happy holidays!

"Develop your talent, man, and leave the world something. Records are 
really gifts from people. To think that an artist would love you enough
to share his music with anyone is a beautiful thing."  -- Duane Allman

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