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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <>
Subject Re: [codec] [proposal] Moving To Apache Commons
Date Tue, 23 Dec 2003 21:53:46 GMT

In message <OF0D58C9A4.1D6CEC95-ONCA256E05.000EA191-CA256E05.000ECF79@multitask>, writes:
>> I think something folks are missing is that if J-C moves to A-C, then
>> all J-C committers become A-C PMC Members and can change the rules that
>> don't make sense once A-C has incorporated J-C.  For example, and it's
>I'm failing to see what extra oversight this brings us.

What percentage of J-C committers are currently on the Jakarta PMC?
What percentage of Jakarta PMC members are J-C committers?  The percentage
would be 100% for both in A-C.  In any case, my personal view is not that
J-C derives any immediate benefit from a move, but that Jakarta and the
ASF as a whole does.  Looking from the ouside in it makes sense to me;
looking from the inside out the gain isn't apparent.

>Jakarta Commons is more than about providing common components to Jakarta. 
>It provides them to TLPs as well.

Apparently the "hypothetical" and "expository" qualifiers in my comment
were not sufficiently clear.  I never said or attempted to imply that
Jakarta Commons was only about providing common components to Jakarta.
Why would I think that when the code bases I've contributed to are all
used by other TLPs?  In any case, your point makes a case for moving out
of Jakarta.  However, my intent was to express that the arguments based
on "I don't like how A-C is organized" are specious because we get to
change the way it is organized.

Anyway, the whole matter comes down to differences in perception of
the current state of affairs and different predictive models about
the outcome of various courses of action.  As I've already expressed
my opinion (and my vote on the codec move), I have to choose to use
the rest of my limited time to attend to pending code-related items
I've had to put off for too long, rather than continue to clarify
my commentary.


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