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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: jrcs/diff status
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 04:36:16 GMT
Jason van Zyl wrote:

>On Thu, 2003-12-04 at 18:54, Geoff Howard wrote:
>>I just discovered the jrcs project in a renewed search for a diff 
>>algorithm implementation compatible with the ASF license.
>>I searched the archives for an indication if this is a living project or 
>>not and read the trail from september following the proposal to remove 
>>it from Commons/Jakarta and thought I perceived at least a lazy 
>>consensus to increase the project visibility instead of scrubbing it.  I 
>>saw some cvs activity after that, and a post on users which seemed to 
>>confirm that direction.
>>But now I see that jrcs is gone from the Commons navigation, apparently 
>>removed in this commit with no further explanation:
>>Was this a mistake which went unnoticed or did something happen off list?
>>I'm interested particularly in the diff portion of the project and have 
>>written a quick first stab at an Ant task based on it because I need it 
>>for work.  I'd like to see about contributing it, some utility code to 
>>make usage simpler, and possibly developing some supporting code for 
>>Cocoon (where I'm active) such as a generator which creates an xml 
>>representation of a diff between files, etc.  The rcs code could prove 
>>useful elsewhere in the Cocoon project which has struggled trying to 
>>provide some cvs support without a cvs project which isn't GPL'd.
>The code being maintained by the primary author now lives here:
Ok, that's interesting.  The code there has not been touched, not a 
single message on the codehaus jrcs
lists, no mention of it on the site anywhere, the JakartaCommons 
copyright is still on the code, and the
author's site still points to Commons.  I presume they (he) is in some 
sort of sponsored "incubation" and
that this didn't happen very long ago. 

What the heck, I'll bite -
Is there any interest here in keeping the project or aspects of it alive 


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