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From Dirk Verbeeck <>
Subject Re: jrcs/diff status
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 06:48:54 GMT
This was unintentionally. I just made incl_nav.xml in sync with the 
other navigation/menu files.

I will put jrcs back into the menu when I do my next update.

-- Dirk

Geoff Howard wrote:
> I just discovered the jrcs project in a renewed search for a diff 
> algorithm implementation compatible with the ASF license.
> I searched the archives for an indication if this is a living project or 
> not and read the trail from september following the proposal to remove 
> it from Commons/Jakarta and thought I perceived at least a lazy 
> consensus to increase the project visibility instead of scrubbing it.  I 
> saw some cvs activity after that, and a post on users which seemed to 
> confirm that direction.
> But now I see that jrcs is gone from the Commons navigation, apparently 
> removed in this commit with no further explanation:
> Was this a mistake which went unnoticed or did something happen off list?
> I'm interested particularly in the diff portion of the project and have 
> written a quick first stab at an Ant task based on it because I need it 
> for work.  I'd like to see about contributing it, some utility code to 
> make usage simpler, and possibly developing some supporting code for 
> Cocoon (where I'm active) such as a generator which creates an xml 
> representation of a diff between files, etc.  The rcs code could prove 
> useful elsewhere in the Cocoon project which has struggled trying to 
> provide some cvs support without a cvs project which isn't GPL'd.
> TIA,
> Geoff

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