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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: What is Jakarta Commons?
Date Tue, 23 Dec 2003 20:33:07 GMT
The shortfall with this idea is that most projects that have established 
thier own TLP are also maintaining thier own virtual host name.

how would these relate to Do they drop thier 
indepenendent host names for


this seems unneccessary, its highly unlikely there will be any other 
"ant", "cocoon" or "maven" projects at Apache. SO maintaining thier 
"namespace" as "optimized as possible is both clean and well marketed.


Ryan Hoegg wrote:
> Perhaps this is a good reason to revive the site.  This 
> would allow jakarta to maintain a separate identity from all other java 
> projects at apache.
> -- 
> Ryan Hoegg
> ISIS Networks
> Craig R. McClanahan wrote:
>> Quoting David Graham <>:
>>>> The challenge is, of course, that Jakarta doesn't contain (and never
>>>> did) all of
>>>> the "written in the Java language" software at Apache.  Even before
>>>> subprojects
>>>> like Ant, James, and Maven graduated to TLPs, there was the Java 
>>>> code in
>>>> all
>>>> the project (including Cocoon early on, but that's also
>>>> graduated).      
>>> That's not how I intended my comments to be taken.  I would like Jakarta
>>> to keep its Java focus but I never meant that all Apache Java projects
>>> should be hosted by Jakarta.
>> But I'm concerned that that's what outside people are likely to 
>> *assume* it
>> means, even though we all know better.  In other words, they're going 
>> to think
>> it means "ALL things java@apache" instead of "SOME things java@apache".
>>> David
>> Craig
>>>> Is someone who comes to the Jakarta home page going to find out they 
>>>> can
>>>> download, say, an SVG viewer that is written in Java (Batik)?
>>>> I would agree that a web presence that let people identify all the
>>>> Java-based
>>>> projects (or a search capability that lets you specify implementation
>>>> language
>>>> as a criteria) would be a very useful feature.  I don't believe that
>>>> such a web
>>>> presence needs to correspond to the legal organization of the projects
>>>> themselves within Apache (although that should, of course, be 
>>>> visible by
>>>> some
>>>> means as well for those that are interested).
>>>> Craig
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